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Storj is essentially cloud-shared hard drive space which is shared out by a ‘community’ of people with free hard drive space.

You earn money if you rent out space, or if you need space you pay for what you need.

This is potentially the largest, cheapest and the most secure way of using cloud storage. Take any of the free cloud storage for an example: they have to pay for servers, hard drives, maintenance, employees, advertising, and they deal with the encryption and everything their side.

First problem with this, is they hold all of your data. Everything you upload it theirs. If they were to suddenly pull the plug, you’d lose everything on your cloud. Secondly, security. It is widely known that hacking email accounts is easy (I can tell you it is surprisingly easy), and like Google and Hotmail, the clouds are linked through your email, meaning that your files on your Google Drive or your MyDrive aren’t as secure as you thought.

With Storj- security is paramount. All of your data is split up and encrypted across the network of drives (much like a RAID), and as all of these HDD’s are connected to the internet, your data could be split up all over the world. Also, just like RAID, if one disk were to fail- it doesn’t matter as your data is ‘striped’ across multiple disks.

And the speed? Well, it is meant to be very fast indeed.

So there. Speedy, secure, decentralised (the best part), and you can earn some ££££’s from it.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the video:

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